Things aren't so bad: These strangers rallied together to remove anti-Semitic graffiti from a New York train

Every so often, it takes a story like this to reassure you that humanity hasn’t completely gone down the toilet, despite what you might occasionally think.

Trains aren’t exactly the friendliest of places – there tends to be a strict unwritten rule that you must avoid eye contact with all fellow travellers. Talking? Pah – don’t even think about it!

But this Manhattan subway train proved to be the exception to this rule on Saturday night. Gregory Lock got on the train and noticed swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled all over the carriage, and what happened next is seriously heartwarming.

Gregory Locke – I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight… | Facebook

Sadly, we wouldn’t have been surprised if everyone had sat silently and awkwardly, not doing anything. Instead, everyone jumped up to help remove the offensive graffiti, and “within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone”.

For many, it’s a terrifying thought that Nazi symbolism is being scrawled on a public train in this day and age.

This might be so, but everyone banding together to get rid of it is pretty amazing – and it’s the positivity that we all need.

It shows that you only need one person to start a positive change.

Even Chelsea Clinton was touched by the story.

And Clinton is right, it always pays to have hand sanitiser on you – just in case there’s no soap in the bathroom, or you need to get rid of some Nazi graffiti. You never know what might happen.