These New Year’s Eve hacks will help you figure out the perfect time to play your favourite song

There can be a lot of pressure at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Whether you’re hoping to spend it with someone in particular, or just set the tone for the new year, the actual moment can sometimes be underwhelming.

But this year that can be different. This year, there are some great tips to make sure your playlist pops off when the clock strikes 12.

The trend was started on Reddit, and posted to Twitter by a Frank Ocean fan page that needed to share the perfect moment to play the song Nights.

It was continued as people thought of other lyrics or points in songs that would be great to hear at the transitional moment.

One of 2017’s most popular TV shows got the treatment.

As did one of football’s greatest songs.

It’s fair to say it’s become a meme, and one of the year’s most useful at that.

Some are simply inspired.

And even include the year’s other memes.

Now there’s absolutely no excuse for a slip-up at New Year. No pressure, and happy partying.

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