These Irish lads in Thailand are giving us serious holiday envy

By Denise O’ Donoghue

We really want to go to Thailand after watching this video.

Remember Tomás McCabe, whose recent video of his trip to Amsterdam had us all very envious?

Well he's at it again!

Tomás sent us in this short video from his time in Thailand.

Last summer he and his friends went to Thailand last July and August and had what looks like an amazing time.

He wrote about his video on his blog.

"One thing that really bothered me before going over was that there was no straightforward guide I could find," he wrote.

"I decided to put a comprehensive guide together to be sort of a go-to for anyone considering making the trip."

Now we really want to book a holiday!

For anyone interested, we've included the full-length video below.

Via Irish Examiner

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