These ducklings struggling to get up a step will be all of us on Tuesday

Twelve ducklings have been filmed trying to follow their mother over a step

We don’t want to bring you down before the Easter weekend has even started but let’s face it, this make us think about going back to work on Tuesday. It’s going to be tough going back to work.

Some of us, like the little ones’ grown-up mother, will take it in their stride, floating along the river of work calmly while they paddle furiously underneath.

Others will end up like this adorable lot, trying but failing to get back into the working week.

This video was posted to Instagram by Karim Dhalla, who left us in suspense as to the fate of the very last duckling. Luckily, in the caption he told viewers, “Don’t worry, they all made it.”

If Tuesday goes badly for you, make like these ducklings and try again on Wednesday – you can do it!

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