These are some of the most wish-listed properties on Airbnb

In this digital age, wish lists no longer come in the form of noting things in your diary. Nowadays we’re more likely to pop a particularly gorgeous looking property on our Airbnb ‘wish list’ than actually write anything down.

As we come to the end of the year, Airbnb has revealed what we’ve all been lusting after: the properties that we heart the most in each country.

Here are some of our favourites.



For this particular rental you get a bedroom in a Galway's Cahercastle. Over 600 years old, it is full of quirks like a huge fireplace and winding staircases.

Sure, the host admits that there are cobwebs around the place and it’s not exactly the most pristine listing on Airbnb, but that just adds to the medieval fun.

A treehouse in Atlanta


One thing that we learned from this list is that we’re obsessed with staying in treehouses.

Apparently we’re all just big kids who want to sleep amongst the treetops, and who could blame us? Some of these properties really do look amazing.

Take this treehouse in Atlanta – it’s three gorgeous wooden structures connected by rope bridges, slap bang in the middle of the trees. Best yet, you can even open up the doors and roll the bed out into the open, making you really feel like you’re really sleeping in nature.

A quirky cottage in Canada


A cottage might not sound like the most glamorous of choices, but there’s a reason that everyone has been crushing on this small house on Mayne Island.

It looks almost like a hobbit’s house and is sculpted entirely out of local natural materials. The cottage is unique to say the least, with wooden panellings and oddly shaped windows and rooms.

If you can tear yourself away from the house, it’s also squarely placed on land with sheep, gardens and orchards.

A private island in Norway


When you think of dream destinations, staying on your own island would probably be high up on that list.

So no surprises that this private island in Hvaler is the most wish-listed property in Norway. Apparently it has the highest number of sunny days a year in the country, which is definitely a bonus.

Not only that, but it’s the opportunity for you to rule your own island, complete with a cabin, a boat, and plenty of places to explore.

A treehouse in Indonesia


OK, this is the last treehouse, we promise. But look at it: it might be the greenest place you could ever stay.

So not only does it look like a totally chill treehouse to hang out in, but when you manage get down from it you can go straight into picking fruit from the garden. Depending on the season you’ll be able to get coconuts, lemons, passionfruit and papayas straight off the trees.

With a four-poster bed this definitely isn’t a basic treehouse so we’re not surprised so many people have it on their wish list. We feel relaxed just looking at the pictures.


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