There's a confessional in Trinity's square today, and here's why

If you take a walk through Trinity College's Front Gate today, you'll be met with an unusual sight - a full-sized confessional in the middle of the famous Parliament Square.

Confused at the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin taking a sudden interest in Catholic absolution?

Well, while it might be positioned close by the William Chambers-designed chapel, but the tiny booth has nothing to do with the Catholic sacrament.

Instead, the confessional is part of a performance piece titled "The Pregnant Box" - and is home to a personal opera performance for just one attendee.

When entering the confessional, the audience of one will have a personal singer and flautist to perform one of the series of mini-operas, lasting between one and three minutes.

The operas are themed around secrecy and confession, particularly in relation to concealing pregnancy. They were written as a collaboration between Drs Catherine Conlin and Evangelia Arigaki, from the Schools of Social Work and Drama, Film and Music respectively.

It's run by the Discover Research Dublin event, who say it's designed to make us question the secrets we carry, and the judgements we make of others.

"We all need to confess something, or so we think. But what we want to confess tells us as much about us as a society as about our individual needs," they wrote in an explanatory blog post.

The event runs in Trinity's Parliament Square (sometimes called Front Square) from 5pm to 9pm on Friday September 26.

Hat-tip to @leoie, @Chealy_ and @Stephanenny on Twitter.

By Dave Molloy

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