There’s a complete typeface made out of diving Neymars

If you can find the words to describe Neymar’s onfield antics, you now have the perfect font to write them in too.

That’s because a Brazilian designer has devised a typeface made up entirely of flying and prostrate Neymars.

Posted by Luciano Jacob on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Luciano Jacob, a creative art director who works for the Mutato agency in Brazil, was inspired to try and make a Neymar alphabet after seeing him take a tumble in a recent World Cup match.

He said: “In the second game, Brazil v Costa Rica, Neymar fell with his arms open and I remembered saying it looked like a ‘T’. There the idea started to take shape in my head. After that was two weeks searching for images and preparing the artwork.”

Luciano says he isn’t the biggest football fan in the world but his views on Neymar seem to tally with those of many supporters.

He said: “His talent is undeniable, but he allows the drama to get in the way of what he could do in the field.”

Posted by Luciano Jacob on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In a country where football is seen almost as a religion, there could have been a danger that the work might have been seen as sacrilegious.

But instead it seems to have been taken in the spirit in which it was intended.

“As for the reaction, it has been great, exceeded my expectations by far,” Luciano said. “I expected a little buzz but it took on enormous proportions.

“I think people understood that it is a joke and not criticism.”

- Press Association

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