There are 3 new jelly baby flavours for the first time ever – here’s our verdict

Many a student has got through an essay crisis fuelled by caffeine and  jelly babies, while walkers rely on them as ’emergency provisions’ and The Beatles’ George Harrison once said they were his favourite sweets.

Now Jelly Babies have had something of a makeover for the first time in their almost 100-year history – and we’re not sure what to make of it.

Jelly Babies falling out of a pack (Maynards Bassetts/PA)

Introducing the new Jelly Babies flavours… (Maynards Bassetts/PA)

This summer, Maynards Bassetts, who first started making the addictive little sweets back in 1918, unleashed three new tropical flavours: Pineapple, mango and banana.

So far they’ve had some mixed reactions on Twitter…

But rather than go on what the early adopters have said, we thought we’d better try them ourselves…


Pineapple flavoured jelly babies (Kate Whiting/PA)

(Kate Whiting/PA)

Confusingly for a yellow-fleshed fruit, pineapple flavour is actually green. Of the normal babies, green (lime) is often the least favourite and gets eaten long after all the black (blackcurrant), red (strawberry), pink (raspberry), orange (erm, orange) and yellow (lemon) ones have been gobbled up.

But of the Tropical flavours, pineapple actually tastes the most like its fruity namesake, and is the one I scoffed most of first.


Mango flavoured jelly babies (Kate Whiting/PA)

(Kate Whiting/PA)

Mango has usurped orange for its colour in this new pack and is the unabashedly sweetest of the three – if you close your eyes and concentrate, it tastes a bit like a mango, just smothered in a tonne of sugar.

Definitely the last one to be eaten – and some confused it with papaya.


Banana flavoured jelly babies (Kate Whiting/PA)

(Kate Whiting/PA)

It really depends how you feel about banana-flavoured things in general as to whether you’ll like this new one or not. It’s got that slightly chemical ‘banana medicine from childhood’ taste that’s synthetic banana, not real banana.

But it’s still perfectly sweet and just about edges it over mango.

Overall verdict:


Thankyouuuu @brandoncpatchett for these!!??. #Fave #FaveSweets #WhatALegend #JellyBabies #ActuallyMadeMyDay ????

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With just three new flavours to choose from, it seems like Maynards Bassetts might have missed a trick – watermelon (pink) and coconut (wait for it… white!) would have gone down a treat.

Blackcurrent is calling to us, so we won’t be switching to the Tropical packs  just yet – but they’re still spot-on for an urgently needed pick-me-up.


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