The words men dread: 'What did I just say?'

It's being claimed that men tend to forget important dates, because their brains are wired differently to women's.

A new study has found men use different genes to store long-term memories, making them better at "tactical" things like travel directions and the names of World Cup winners.

Researchers say women tend to have "emotional" memories, which is why they rarely forget a birthday or anniversary, just like Jim Carrey's secretary in this movie clip of 'Liar Liar' below.

According to a survey carried out by, the top things men forget in relationships are:


Valentine's Day


"What did I just say?"

Where they left the car keys

Partner's dress size

Simple instructions on not burning the dinner

Paying bills on time

Partner's choice of wedding song

Remembering to come home from work, and not to go to the pub

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