The unexpected delights of working in academia, according to Twitter

Academics have been sharing the parts of their job which make them feel warm and fuzzy inside, sparked by a post from historian Dr William Pooley.

He told of his “joy” about writing a reference for one of his brightest students.

And the action obviously got him thinking about what the “unexpected favourite parts” of the job are for himself and industry colleagues.

Here are the things which bring a twinkle to an academic’s eye.

1. When the theory and concepts starts to make sense.

2. Realising that students learn more than subject matter.

3. Great hours.

4. Lecturer fashion.

5. Dissertations are actually appreciated – and read.

6. Cap and gown day.

7. The vast amount of information out there.

8. Being cited.

9. When students become “Doctor”.

10. Enthusiastic students!

11. Helping to develop a student’s take on the world.

- Press Association

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