The story of how Dublin Airport and Lidl saved a parrot’s life with a tweet

By Anna O'Donoghue

The mystery of the parrot found in Dublin Airport has been quacked by German supermarket giants, Lidl.

(No, we never thought we’d be reading that sentence either)

Earlier this week, an African grey parrot was discovered by the airport’s firefighter after a routine runway inspection at Dublin Airport.

In a bid to find the owner of the rogue bird, @DublinAirport posted a photo on Twitter with an update of its well being.

“She’s being given special care and is doing well. We’d like to reunite her with her owner. Please RT to help us find them and DM us if she is yours”

Roughly 20 minutes afterwards, Lidl Ireland’s official account came to save the day.

@LidlIreland, which is arguably the best account on the platform, replied to the tweet saying that one of its stores has a missing parrot poster on its noticeboard.

The store then contacted the number on the poster and turns out, it was the same parrot!

The owner, who is said to be based in Finglas, will be reunited with his pet later today.

Finally, a tail with a flappy ending.

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