The reactions of late-night hosts to Donald Trump's NFL statements are brutal

by Greg Murphy

The US is facing an ever-growing number of challenges, and they're only nine months into the Trump presidency.

From Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean wreaking havoc in major states as well as US territories to mounting tensions with North Korea, there is no shortage of issues that demand the attention of the president.

Donald Trump, however, is more interested in a conflict a little closer to home.

The US president has been vocal about American football players protesting during the national anthem ever since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first took a knee in 2016.

The 29-year-old begun kneeling during the anthem to protest against racial injustice and police brutality, with a number of other players joining him throughout the season.

In reaction to the comments made by Trump, a number of late night tv hosts are having their say, and just what they think about where the president should be focusing his attention.

Late Night with Seth Meyers focused their 'Closer Look' segment on Trumps "attacks" on protesting athletes.

Meyers called out the presidents double standards when it comes to protesting in America.

    "It should be clear to everyone who Donald Trump is, and what he represents.

    "When black athletes peacefully protest racism and police brutality, Trump has no trouble summoning his outrage.

    "But when white supremacists march with Nazi flags and Confederate flags through the streets of an American city, he equivocates and defends them."

Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show also had something to say on the issue.

Noah asked plainly: "How can one person be on the wrong side of everything in history?"

    "When Nazi's were protesting in Charlottesville, Trump said "Some of these were very fine people"...but then, when black football players protest peacefully by taking a knee during the anthem, he calls them sons of bitches who should be fired.

    "Now look, I don't know if Trump is racist, but I do know he definitely prefers white people to black people - I can say that with confidence."

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was also quick to respond to the president's reactions to NFL players taking a knee.

Colbert reacted to a tweet posted by Trump in which he said 'The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race'.

    "Wrong! Kneeling during the national anthem has everything to do with race. Just like your presidency."

More reactions by talk shows are available online and are well worth checking out.

They all have one common conclusion as to what the president's reactions to the protests are really about.

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By Greg Murphy

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