The pregnant woman who imitated April the giraffe has given birth - and you'll love her first baby photo

Erin Dietrich, who spoofed the live stream of April the pregnant giraffe in a video where she wore a giraffe mask, has finally given birth to a little boy.

Dietrich was heavily pregnant in the seven-minute live-streamed video, which now has over 30 million views and 450,000 shares on Facebook.

Her parody came after a New York zoo set up a live stream of its giraffe pen so the public could keep an eye on its pregnant inhabitant April.

Erin Dietrich – Erin Dietrich was live.

The mostly silent video shows the woman standing alone in a bedroom wearing the giraffe mask which she later said she’d “ordered off Amazon”, with the camera at a high angle like the one in April’s enclosure.

Later another video appeared of her shifting around in a hospital bed, occasionally waving at the camera.

After giving birth to her fourth child, Dietrich posted a picture where she can be seen holding the newborn, still wearing the infamous mask, with a giraffe cuddly toy by her side.

Erin Dietrich – He’s here!! He is perfect, healthy and… | Facebook

“Our hearts are overflowing. Thank you so much for ALL the love and prayers!” she said.

The little boy has been named Porter Lane, and weighs 8lbs 2oz. April the giraffe’s baby calf will likely weigh around 150lbs.

Like Dietrich, this will also be April’s fourth baby.

Still no word on the little one though. We’ll just have to keep watching that live stream.

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