The nation first saw this guy slipping on ice five years ago today

By Denise O'Donoghue

Today marks five years since one of the most memorable moments of Irish television - when an unsuspecting man was caught slipping on ice by an RTE camera crew.

Five years ago Ireland was in the grip of a deep freeze, and as RTE was reporting on dangerous conditions in Dublin, one poor man slipped in front of our national broadcaster.

"It's still dangerous for city pedestrians."

The poor guy, even the pavement felt that one.

Although the video is five years old, it has never been forgotten by Irish people, and has been shared constistantly over the years on social media.

The debate continues to this day: was it a coincidence, or does an evil camera crew roam Dublin city in winter, pouring water on busy footpaths and lying in wait to film the hilarious results?

Via Irish Examiner

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