The moving story behind this Hurricane Ophelia photograph

The Irish Examiner print edition turned many heads last week when it published this stunning image across the top of its front page.

The picture - taken by local photographer Stephen Kelleghan - shows three men taking in the awesome power of Ophelia as it batters the rocks of Glen near Ballinskelligs

Unbeknown to all those involved in the decision to publish was that it contained a poignant story which has now been revealed by writer and broadcaster, Graham Clifford.

In a story published on Graham reveals how the men in the picture are actually the sons and nephew of Michael Joe O’Sullivan, a local man who had passed away the week before and whose funeral had been postponed that day due to Ophelia.

In his story Graham also reveals that where the picture was taken marked a favourite spot of Michael Joe's, who he also reveals was a father-of seven and grandfather to 14.

Michael Joe O’Sullivan was buried in the Glen on Wednesday. RIP.

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