The melting of these toys in the heat of a car is pure entertainment

It’s the simple things that bring the most joy on the internet and this is perhaps the quintessential example of such viral material.

When Jane Zheng, 18, left some animal toys on the sun-baked dashboard of her car she intended them to be cute ornaments, but instead they melted and the flat pancake-like creatures that remained became an online sensation.

“I guess it kinda just shows how much damage the heat can do when you leave your most prized possession in the car,” Jane, from Honolulu, Hawaii, told the Press Association.

“I think people liked them because something so cute and small can turn into flat pancakes by the heat.”

“My favourite reaction was how people were comparing themselves to the flattened squishies.”

Jane said she isn’t sure how hot it was but toys melted over two days, the situation didn’t get better for them either.

Poor innocent creatures. Gone too soon.

- Press Association

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