The Love/Hate opening credits - in the style of The Sopranos

The fourth series of Love/Hate concluded the other week and despite a somewhat tepid reception from critics and audience, we still miss our Sunday night fix of Nidge, Fran, Tommy, Elmo, The Other One and That Garda Who's in Trouble With His Bosses.

One thing that was remarked upon as the critical vultures picked over the carcass of S4 was the amount of camera time devoted to Nidget driving around Dublin in his beloved SUV, replete with atmospheric and evocative shots of the city skyline and docks etc.

Yes, we said 'atmospheric and evocative'. Not 'time-wasting'. Not at all. Shame on you.

Anyway, one enterprising YouTuber took that as his cue to offer us a reimagining of the Love/Hate credits, in the style of The Sopranos, and Tony's familiar westward drive to NJ to the tune of Alabama 3.

We like it, and we think it works. Enjoy.

(Micheal O Thailtigh via YouTube)

(H/T: /r/ireland)

By Conor Hallahan

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