The Late Late Show had no audience last night so they pulled people in off the street

By Anna O'Donoghue

A unique night in the 56-year history of RTÉ’s Late Late Show as, for safety reasons, during Storm Emma, bosses had to cancel the audience and most of its guests.

Despite that, they put the show on anyway by grabbing whoever they could from the canteen and ask them to bring their friends and family.

As someone pointed out on Twitter, it was like a “9 am lecture”.

They even pulled a couple in from the street - Meet Nora and David Ryan.

During the big snow of 1982, the couple thought to contact the show for audience tickets as they presumed there wouldn’t be much competition on that particular night.

And as it turned out to be quite successful that time around, they chanced their arm again last night.

The show featured comedian Oliver Callan, Joe Duffy, Deirdre O’Kane and country music singer, Cliona Hagan - not to mention stacks of Brennan’s bread.

They also cut to a, longer than usual, wedding segment where Marty Morrissey interviewed a couple who wed today, despite the extreme weather.

As they say, the show must go on!

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