The iPhone X is finally here ... 7 uses people have already found for Animojis

The iPhone X is finally here, released globally on Friday morning, and for tech-lovers lucky enough to get their hands on one there’s been one feature they’ve been sharing more than any other – Animojis.

The smartphone’s facial recognition technology can be used to unlock the phone and make payments via Apple Pay, but it’s these animated emojis – which track users’ facial movements – which have really captured the imagination.

Here are seven ways people have already taken advantage of the lovable characters.

1. Making a captivating rabbit-chicken duet

2. Introducing their radio show

3. Just being a chicken

4. Cliches

5. Covering apt hip hop

6. Fox karaoke

7. Begging for social media attention

An apt one to finish with – don’t expect these to be off your social media feeds anytime soon.


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