The Frames paid for an open bar at their Dublin gig last night

The Frames at Whelans last night. Photo: Dara Munnis
By Dave Molloy

Well holy god, if ever you needed more evidence that The Frames are absolute legends.

The Irish band were playing Whelans' 25th anniversary gig in Dublin city last night, when, three songs in, frontman Glen Hansard made a little announcement.

Drinks were on them.

If you've never been to a Frames gig, you're missing out. The energy and enthusiasm that makes their live album, Set List, a firm favourite comes through every time.

And, clearly, they appreciate their fans.

Hansard even brought along a bandana stamped with a grinning face - a prop that's been making an appearance at their gigs since the early 2000s. And, by all accounts, the venue was packed to the rafters with fans – after the gig, announced a week beforehand, sold out in a few minutes.

So, basically:

They are the best live act of all time.

Photo courtesy Dara Munnis Photography.

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