The five emotional stages experienced during a delayed flight

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Traveling - it broadens the mind and the soul.

There is nothing better than arriving at the airport, travel-sized toiletries already packed, ready for your weekend away.

Planning your trip has already got you far too excited and you’ve already scoured Instagram for the best selfie spots.

Nothing can kill your good vibe… nothing except seeing that your flight is delayed.

No, this can’t be possible, I mean you have everything planned - this can’t be happening.

You hear the announcement and your worst fear has now become a reality.

You don’t know what to feel - this is the start of an emotional rollercoaster.


You still don’t believe it. There must’ve been a mistake.

You can’t take your eyes off the monitor. Your mind can’t comprehend that you’ve to spend another six hours stuck here.

Being stuck in the airport having your plans altered is the worst possible thing that could happen.

You can’t accept it and go to the nearest ticket counter.


Once the reality sets in that you are bound to roam the terminals for the next few hours - potentially wasting all your holiday money on gossip magazines and perfumes in the duty free - you see red.

Your body cannot contain the anger you have and before you know it you’re roaring at the airline, the employees, anybody who even looks at you wrong.


After way too long of being angry with everyone your mind shifts. Your frustration turns to desperation.

Your sense of cabin fever is multiplied times a hundred.

Returning to said ticket counter you're begging for forgiveness. You’ll do anything - there has to be another flight.

You don’t care if you're sitting on the wing of the plane you just need to get out of the airport.


You’re never getting out, are you?

Despair has well and truly kicked in, leaving you sobbing into your neck pillow.

Nothing has ever been or could be worse than this. This airport is no longer the start of your wild adventures it’s the road to hell.

You wallow in self-pity. This day will never end and you just want to cancel your holiday at this stage.


After two hours and a few pints from the airport bar you slowly come to terms with the situation and realize it’s not that bad.

You muster all the positive energy you have and eventually, it’s arrived.

Not serenity but the next available flight.

You did it- after all the tears, tantrums and Tia Maria’s you’ve made it.

Although you would HATE to go through the situation again, you feel like it has made you grow as a person.

Now, it’s time to let the good times roll.

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