The first Instagram posts that helped Kayla Itsines become a top fitness influencer

Kayla Itsines has around 7 million followers on Instagram.

The 26-year-old Australian is a well-known fitness entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity.

Her Bikini Body Guide has grown from a simple online sports and eating program to ebooks, hard copy books, apps, and other products.

Forbes put her in first place worldwide as the top influencer in the fitness category this year.

They describe her as "the internet's undisputed fitness queen - and a multimillionaire to boot".

They say that her rise from teenage personal trainer to top fitness influencer "is indicative of the power of social media to build a bona fide movement".

Itsines revealed to Business Insider that while she was working as a personal trainer as a teen, her cousin pointed out she could do something with Instagram.

They report that Itsines had "no idea" how impactful those photos would become.

Let's take a look.

2012, her first post.

2012, her first tranformation posts.

My amazing client @emmadilorenzo !! SAME CLOTHES! You look beautiful Emma!! Well done girl 👋🔥💪

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on

From then on, Itsines sky-rocketed to fame on Instagram, posting more tutorials, food snaps, personal pictures, and screenshots of customer feedback.

She has 5,734 posts on the platform to date, and a fitness empire built from there.

Itsines told Business Insider "the world needed such a thing". We think the world might just agree.


By Claire Anderson

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