The First Christmas as told by the animals who gathered in Bethlehem in new animation

As children who grew up in Ireland, we are all too familiar with the story of the First Christmas, writes Breda Graham.

Many of us will have bickered with fellow first class classmates to determine who would take the roles of Mary and Joseph in the school’s Christmas production of the Nativity of Jesus.

Others will shiver at the flashback of being on stage in front of the hall full of wide-eyed parents bursting with pride and anticipating the appearance of their seven year old sporting beards and halo’s.

Well, now we have the chance to relive our seven-year-old singing angel selves with the latest release from Columbia Pictures, The Star.

The animated movie, directed by Timothy Reckart, is based on the Nativity of Jesus and an original idea by Tom Sheridan.

Included are the familiar characters of Mary and Joseph, the three wise men and the shepherds, including the animals who got them all to Bethlehem.

The animals are now given a voice and the story of the First Christmas is told from a different perspective, the perspective of a donkey, a goat, a sheep, a horse, a mouse and three camels.

The movie stars the voices of Gina Rodriguez, Kelly Clarkson and Oprah Winfrey.

The Star will be released in Irish cinemas on November 24.

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