The best shots from last night's meteor shower and what to expect tonight

Last night saw the Perseids light up Irish skies and tonight it is expected to be similar. People from all over the county witnessed the spectacle and some were able to record the meteors on camera.

According to David Moore from Astronomy Ireland, the meteors are called the Perseids because their tracks appear to point back to the constellation of Perseus.

People in Laois, Galway, Mayo, Tipperary, Clare, Meath, Cork and countless other countries say they all saw the Perseids in full flow. To get you in the mood for tonight's spectacle, here are some of the best snaps from last night.

Last night was not the only time people captured the Perseids, as all this week people have spotted some of the meteors in the Irish sky

While last night was probably the best chance to see the Perseids, depending on how clear the sky is tonight, you might be able to seem some meteors from midnight.

Astronomy Ireland is asking everyone in the country to help count the shooting stars this year by filling out a form on its website. You can also email your meteor report to