The 5 emotional stages of your first haircut after lockdown

After being closed for more than three months, lots of hairdressers are now open and customers have been flocking in droves get their locks chopped.

Clearly, customers are keen to get their overgrown tresses tamed after so long without so much as a trim – or perhaps they’re in need of professional help to fix a DIY disaster inflicted by a well-meaning partner?

Whatever the case, that first salon visit can be a nerve-wracking time. Here are the five emotional stages of your first haircut after lockdown…

1. Excitement

Finally! After weeks of watching as your tresses descended to Rapunzel levels or your fringe became determined to obscure your eyesight completely, the day has arrived.

You cannot wait to walk through the doors of the salon and tell the stylist to lop it all off.

There’s a spring in your step as you head to the high street…

2. Fear

But wait. What is your hair stylist going to say when they see the shocking lopsided mess that resulted when a home haircut seemed like a really good idea about six weeks into lockdown?

They’ll probably laugh you right out of the salon.

And is it even safe to be getting a haircut during a global pandemic?

You know that salons have introduced all kinds of safety measures, but still, you can never be too careful, can you?

3. Indecision

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You’ve dutifully washed your hands with sanitiser at the door, put on your own gown and now you’re seated in front of the mirror ready for the chop… or are you?

Now that you think about it, maybe you should keep growing your hair since you’ve come this far.

But then, it has been really annoying during lockdown. What to do?

“It’s up to you,” the hairdresser says with a shrug, which only makes you more confused.

4. Boredom

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Did haircuts always take this long? Half an hour later you’ve already run out of coronavirus-related small talk with the stylist and she’s not even half way through the hair cut.

To make matters worse, you forgot to bring any reading material – and since salons aren’t allowed to hand out magazines any more, you can’t indulge in your usual favourite guilty pleasure: catching up on celebrity gossip in the glossies.

5. Relief

Looking in the mirror the stylist is holding behind your head, you survey their handiwork. Ah, that’s better, you think.

Gone are the straggly strands, the split ends and the far-too-long fringe. Hurrah.

You can’t wait to show off your sleek new ‘do and you sashay out of the salon feeling like a million dollars.

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