That awkward moment when your neighbours think you're smoking a cigar, but you're actually eating a taquito

When you live in a small town, it feels like nosy neighbours are watching your every move. This couldn’t ring more true for teenager Sarah from Kansas – but luckily she came out on top in the age-old battle against busybodies.

When Sarah was cruising round her area, she got a text from concerned neighbour Amy J. It turns out, Amy’s husband Randy had spotted her puffing on a cigar – the horror!

We’re not sure why Amy’s first reaction is to get all up in Sarah’s grill about her supposed indiscretion, but we’re just so glad that Sarah was vindicated. Because instead of rolling round town, windows down and puffing a Cuban, Sarah was actually just eating a taquito.

In case you aren’t familiar with the glory of a taquito, it’s basically a rolled up mini taco. Delicious, and unlikely to give you lung cancer.

Some people are quite taken with the idea of a taquito as a cigar.

Others are just pleased that Sarah has shown up such unnecessarily busybody behaviour.

Seriously, what are Amy and Randy playing at?

According to Buzzfeed, Amy is unfortunately yet to reply. She’s probably feeling the burn right now – we suggest a taquito to make the pain go away.

Sarah: 1. Nosy neighbours: 0.