Terrifying clowns have been spotted wandering Californian towns

Warning: This story may give you nightmares.

Something very scary is going on in California.

For the past several days, there have been numerous sightings of clowns - with some reports that figures with smeared facepaint, balloons - and posibly weapons - have been chasing people late at night.


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It all started in the town of Wasco when photos began popping up on an Instagram account called Wasco Clown and other social media of a very unsettling clown walking the streets at night.

These photos have been widely shared and while they are very unsettling, it's been confirmed that they were taken as part of an art project.

But it seems that this project has inspired some copycats.

In nearby Bakersfield, police on Friday said they had received 16 reports of clown sightings with some people - including some kids - saying that they had been chased.

One minor has been arrested in connection with chasing down the children who were left "visibly shaken". The teenager said he did it to perpetuate a hoax he had seen online.

"We will make arrests on this," said Sgt. Joseph Grubbs. "We want this to stop."


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There was also a reporting sighting of a clown holding a gun on Saturday but this has been unconfirmed by police.

“We’ve been having sightings all over the city,” said Lieutenant Jason Matson.

“They range from anywhere from a guy carrying a gun to a guy carrying a knife running up to houses.”


By Ciara Flaherty

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