Teachers are sharing their hysterical stories of catching note-passers in class

Everyone has a story from school when they’ve been caught passing letters in class, and some stories are more embarrassing than others.

Reddit user Just_Floatin_on_bye asked teachers on the website to share their best stories of times they’ve caught note-passers, and they did not disappoint.

Here are 10 of the funniest stories, that might just make you cringe.

1. Love-note passing can have disastrous consequences.

2. This student got some valuable critiques.

3. This strange note.

4. These mean comments got published.

5. This teacher used their powers of language.

6. This teacher allowed her student to celebrate her work!

7. Tip: Always write your notes in secret code.

8. This student really didn’t want his note to be read.

9. This very strange student.

10. Lastly, this incredibly wholesome note.

- Press Association

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