Teachers are sharing amazing excuses students have given for showing up late

We’ve all turned up to school really late at least once or twice and given a dreadful excuse to avoid detention… but some lies take the cake.

Reddit user AdmiralEthan asked teachers on the website: “What was the best lateness excuse you’ve ever heard?”

Here are some of the very best, which you might just recognise from your own school days.

1. At least this student was honest…

2. This incredible excuse.

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3. A student went to the wrong school.

4. This classroom had their friend’s back.

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5. Get this student a planner!

6. One pupil fell into a sewer…

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7. This person’s Dad ate their homework.

8. This student must be an aspiring farmer.

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9. An unfortunate accident happened.

10. This late student barely gave an excuse.

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11. Lastly, this absolute hero.

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