Taylor Swift you need to see this

With the news that One Direction will host a "unique global event" called '1D Day' we decided to bring you this clip.

It did the rounds on Facebook this year already and Harry Styles seemed to provide the stimulus for this girl's out burst at Taylor Swift.

Although she is famed for writing songs about heart break, this one fan was having none of it when it was at Styles' expense.

"Why make a song up about 'We are never getting back together' when you clearly did get f#$*ing back together with him," the girl in the clip rants.

"Singing f#$*ing songs about 'I knew you were trouble when you first walked in' then why did you f#$*ing go out with him if you knew he was trouble."

The angry fan jumps to the band members defense referring to him as "poor wee Harry Styles" throughout .

She was also less than impressed with her corruption of the One D band member - what with him having just left a failed relationship with a '37-year-old'.

"He finally gets a girlfriend his own age and you go an drop him."

Note: viewer discretion is advised as language is choice (and kind of worrying for a fan of her age) :/

By Fiona O'Donovan

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