Take a look at the world through the eyes of a polar bear with this first-hand footage

Scientists have attached cameras to some polar bears’ heads to study their behaviours and feeding rates – and the footage captured is as illuminating as it is magical.

The video shows the intimate relationships between the bears but also has underwater footage which shows the manner in which they use the sea ice to hunt.

Without the sea ice, a polar bear’s ability to hunt is hugely diminished. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the bears spend more than half their time hunting for food as they need fat to survive and less than 2% of these hunts are successful.

Melting ice spells disaster for polar bears (PA)

With three polar bear populations already in decline and more at risk of future decline due to climate change, the threatened species are in need of a helping hand.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service hopes to use the first-person videos to help inform its conservation management plan for the mammals.


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