Strippers and chippers - tonight's First Dates was a good one

From strippers to chippers tonight's First Dates had a lot of variety on the menu, writes Sally Gorman.

Viewers were spoiled for choice with this episode - a male "entertainer", a soccer player, a chip shop owner, a chicken farmer and Anthony, what more could we have asked for?

Just Anthony would have been enough really...did you see those teeth?

Anthony may just be the finest specimen to have graced us with his presence in the history of First Dates and the whole of Twitter seemed to be in agreement.

However, viewers weren't impressed Anthony let poor Jamie foot the bill knowing right well it was just a mate date.

Tut tut tut.

Tonight's date between chipper owner Amy and stripper Steve couldn't have been anymore Irish.

It started with a conversation about chips and ended with the afters of a wedding.

But the most memorable part of this date?

The moment Amy made Steve pick a different dessert.

Ok we get where she's coming from, variety is good and sharing is caring and all that jazz but on a first date?

Brave lady.

Viewers were horrified!

On the plus side one view may have come up with the most genius name for Amy's chip shop...

...If she doesn't take this on board someone should - seriously.

As for Steve, well this may be what's in store for him...

Last but not least, 18-year-old Mila certainly got everyone talking.

Her uncanny resemblance to Saoirse Ronan almost stole the limelight.

Almost...Enter Jack in those incredibly tight pants.

They were that distracting Mila even forgot Jack's name.

Oh dear.

We can't wait for next week already!

By Sally Gorman
Digital Journalist

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