Striking X-ray pictures show inner workings of London Zoo animals

Eye-catching X-ray images of animals at London Zoo have been released.

The pictures were taken during routine health checks of its 18,000 animals and include snakes and armadillos.

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>Mario, a large hairy armadillo (ZSL London Zoo)</figcaption>
Mario, a large hairy armadillo (ZSL London Zoo)

The image of Cornelius, a corn snake, is particularly striking, containing as it does hundreds of vertebrae – compared to the 33 inside a human.

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>PB, a Tokay gecko (ZSL London Zoo)</figcaption>
PB, a Tokay gecko (ZSL London Zoo)

ZSL London Zoo veterinary nurse Heather Mackintosh said: “We can tell so much about an animal’s health from looking at an X-ray – from the strength of their bones to how healthy their heart is.

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>Nasi, a big-headed turtle (ZSL London Zoo)</figcaption>
Nasi, a big-headed turtle (ZSL London Zoo)

“They’re vital to our work, and even though we get to see unique X-rays fairly often we still think that they’re absolutely fascinating.

“Most people can recognise a human X-ray, but they probably haven’t seen the individual segments of a large hairy armadillo’s exoskeleton, or the long tail bones of a big-headed turtle.”

- Press Association



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