Stray kitten finds a purr-fect new home among litter of greyhounds

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Cats and dogs - destined to be each other’s sworn enemy.

However, sometimes the two can break away from the norm and become the closest of friends.

Cork Greyhound owner, Jim McCarthy, went to check on his newborn pups however he found a purr-fect new addition to the litter.

Credit: Jim McCarthy
Credit: Jim McCarthy

Along with mom, Turbine Tarbert, and her six little pups was a tiny, stray kitten.

Going by the pics it looks like the tiny feline has settled in nicely with her new kennel housemates.

Credit: Jim McCarthy
Credit: Jim McCarthy

We can’t imagine anything sweeter to put a smile on your face this Monday.

Jim is actually looking for someone to name this cute addition but the name must follow family tradition and begin with a T.

Credit: Jim McCarthy
Credit: Jim McCarthy

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Main header image: Credit - Irish Greyhound Board

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