Stranger spreads spirit of Christmas in Dublin pizzeria

Where are you, stranger?

A couple have had their faith in Christmas restored by a man who picked them out for a random act of kindness.

He and the couple were having dinner in the same restaurant last night - Paulie’s Pizza in Dublin - when he arranged to cover the entire cost of their meal.

They only found out at the end of the meal when they asked for the bill, by which time the stranger had left.

The really lovely thing is this unknown stranger does this every year - it’s his Christmas thing.

Redditor Colchique says the couple went to Paulie’s in Upper Grand Canal Street to celebrate a birthday and had a “very nice, uneventful dinner”.

They asked for the bill and an embarrassed waiter said: "Look, there’s something I need to explain you. There was that guy, sitting over there..."

Colchique goes on to say: "... He explained us that every year at Christmas he picks a random table and pays for them. He paid for yours, so everything has been paid by him. Is this OK? We didn't know what to do as we didn't know how you would feel about it."

“Both my (significant other) and I were obviously very, very surprised and amazed that a random, totally unknown stranger would do that out of pure altruism.

“Stranger if you're reading these lines, this was very nice of you and reminded both my SO and I that not everyone and everything is this world is shite. We are very thankful.”

And the spirit of Christmas is catching - Colchique and partner left a tip for the waiter and asked him to split the rest of whatever cash there was left between the last two tables in the restaurant.

Denying suggestions on social media that this was anything other than a spontaneous and generous act, Colchique says: “There is no way for me to prove it but I have nothing to do with Paulie's or marketing. Actually we were going to Manifesto in Rathmines initially but it was closed for some reason and since we wanted pizzas we headed to Paulie's Pizza instead.”

Stranger, that was a very nice thing you did…

Happy Christmas.

By Jill O'Sullivan

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