'Stormtrooper twerking' is a thing now

Although we imagine the Venn diagram of Star Wars fans and Miley Cyrus aficionados to have a pretty small intersection*, somebody has seen fit to target that market with a new clip entitled 'Stormtrooper Twerking'.

Let's say that again, shall we?

'Stormtrooper Twerking'

The kicker comes at 1:38, when an uninvited guest turns up to tell the 'troopers that their twerking "has caused a great disturbance in the force".

Anyway - roll it there Colette, as Gaybo would say.

All the work of two guys called Scott and Brendo, who looked like they had a good time on set at least.

There's also a cheesy behind the scenes video, if that floats your boat.

*Yes, 'intersection' is the technical term. We looked it up. By Googling 'middle bit of Venn diagram'.

By Conor Hallahan

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