Storm Gareth: Dog missing for 48 hours rescued from snowy mountain ledge

A dog missing for 48 hours in Storm Gareth has been rescued from a snowy mountainside by a helicopter crew.

The Inverness Coastguard helicopter crew spotted Ben by chance as they were out on a training exercise in the Cairngorms on Wednesday.

As two members of the team completed a winter training exercise on the ground near Loch Avon, the crew in the helicopter spotted Ben “terrified and cold” on a narrow ledge with a 200ft drop below.

(Maritime and Coastguard Agency)

After picking up their two fellow crew members, they returned to the spot and winched down to collect the stranded dog.

The crew flew Ben to a nearby outdoor training centre, from where he was quickly taken to a vet.

According to the coastguard, Ben was “doing well” and had been reunited with his owner.

- Press Association

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