Stop the press: cow attack makes the front page

Only in Ireland, eh?

This week's Gorey Guardian has a fantastic example of local news front page, in the story of a local election candidate attacked by a cow - complete with ominous photo of the victim identifying his attacker.

32-year-old Anthony Donohue, who is a Fine Gael candidate in the local election, was letting the animal, which he owns, back into a field a few hours after she gave birth.

For some reason, however, the cow rushed him and trampled his legs. Nothing was broken though, and the paper reports he escaped with serious muscle damage.

In all seriousness, though, the animal weighs 500kg, and the injuries could have been far worse.

This all took place on Easter Saturday, April 19 - almost a month ago - and Donohue is on the mend, even if he's had to cut back on canvassing for the election.

You can read the full report online at the Gorey Guardian.


By Dave Molloy

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