Someone proposed to Minnie Mouse at Disney World and Mickey was unimpressed

Mickey Mouse received the shock of a lifetime as a love-struck fan decided to propose to Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The most scandalous part, however: Minnie said yes, right in front of her long-term partner.

Nairoby Sandoval posted the hilarious video of her friend Johnny Jean proposing to Minnie, and receiving a less-than-impressed reaction from Mickey, on Twitter.

Upon seeing Mickey’s heartbroken expression, Jean was heard saying, “Mickey, I’m sorry”. However, the mouse gestured dramatically, implying that Jean had made an enemy in him.

The drama-filled video now has more than four million views and 91,000 retweets from astonished Disney fans.

Don’t worry, Mickey, as the world’s most famous cartoon couple, you’re sure to patch things up with Minnie soon.

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