Someone keeps throwing vegetables at joggers and nobody knows why

It’s been a dramatic week in world politics, but back in leafy Gloucestershire another situation is escalating.

A drive-by food slinger is on the loose.

The culprit keeps attacking joggers with fruit and vegetables, and they’ve so far managed to escape the authorities’ clutches.

First, someone threw a potato at a female jogger from the window of a moving car.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Gloucestershire Live: “It hit my leg and it’s a bit bruised. Thank goodness it wasn’t a baked potato!”

Then someone reported having a turnip thrown at them from a passing car.

It happened to a friend of one Michael Brown, who told Gloucestershire Live “the events must be connected”.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the culprit’s weapon was gentrified.

The vegetables got posher as the attacks progressed, and next thing to be thrown was an avocado.

“I too was hit by a vegetable projectile recently in Cheltenham,” James Smith told the same website.

“I was walking on Hewlett Road and someone from a passing car threw an avocado at my back, while also shouting something incoherent at me”.

There have also been reports of other potato throwing incidents, and a random street egging.

Won’t somebody please stop the carnage?