Someone found their Christmas wish list from 1996 and it’s full of nostalgia

Cast your mind back to 1996: a year when Buzz Lightyear was the best-selling Christmas toy and the Spice Girls claimed their first festive number one.

Jingle All The Way, Space Jam and 101 Dalmatians were tempting us into the cinema.

For one Reddit user, Christmas 1996 just got a lot more familiar after his mother found his present wish list, sparking a trip down memory lane.

The neatly written list contained nine must-have items including a Nintendo 64 and games to match plus a controller in “red or green or blue or yellow”.


Also on the list was “Lego’s Western” set, some Micro Machines and the strategy game Risk.

Redditor Adrake86, who was handed the list he wrote as a 10-year-old when he returned to the family home, doesn’t even remember writing it but was “happy to see it”, he told the Press Association.

“My mom showed me the list when she was cleaning out some stuff in the house,” said Adam, now 31, married and living in Canton, Georgia.

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“The list brought back old memories of that Christmas and what I got from it.

“I got a Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye 007 game. I also got a yellow controller. I played it on my 13-inch TV in my bedroom the entire day.”


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