Some mothers aren’t happy about the John Lewis Christmas ad

The early anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad has finally arrived and this year they’ve introduced Moz the Monster.

A giant creature who lives underneath the bed of a young boy named, Joe.

The ad tells the adorable story of Joe and Moz’s friendship.

Since it was released it has received an abundance of ‘meh’ reviews for not pulling on the heartstrings as much as their past adverts, such as Buster the bouncing boxer, a man on the moon and Monty the penguin.

Some parents believe that the advert will scare their children to believe that there will be monsters underneath their own beds.

Meanwhile, an American man by the name of John Lewis has been, once again, at the receiving end of thousands of tweets about the ad.

At this stage he’s just been having fun with it.

Last year, the retail story sent him a personalised gift to thank him for being a great sport.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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