Sochi speed skating - the Mario Kart edition

Ah, Sochi. The gift that keeps on giving.

In this clever mashup, competitors line up on the ice for the men's 500m Speed Skating 'Double Dash' final in Sochi - except in this case they also have to content with exploding green shells, bananas and Chain Chomps.

Which as any true Nintendo fan knows, are essential elements of classic Mario Kart.

The clip is the work of New Zealand filmmaker Michael Shanks, also known as TimTimFed, and has racked up over 1.7m views in just two days.

It's just the latest in a series of viral hits to emerge from Russia's hosting of the Winter Olympics - notable among them the 'Wolf In My Hallway' clip - tweeted by US luger Kate Hansen - that turned out to be another Jimmy Kimmel fake.

Kimmel - the boy who actually, in this case, did cry wolf.

And last, but not least… we had the Sounds of Women's Curling.

By Conor Hallahan

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