Sinkhole swallows a car while owner works out at the gym

A sinkhole has opened up and swallowed a car in central St Louis.

The owners were in the gym but they went outside to find their car submerged in the large crater.

Aerial footage shows how the car was totally submerged by the crater that opened up in the downtown area of the US city.

Just look at how tiny the people in the streets look in comparison to the sinkhole…

According to CBS St Louis, when crews arrived at the scene barriers were set up to stop traffic in both directions and police tape marked off areas affected by cracks from the hole in the roadway.

Unsurprisingly, many onlookers stopped to take photos of the sinkhole and the car inside, which had totally flipped with its wheels up, water gushing around it from a broken water pipe.

No injuries were reported, and it wasn’t immediately clear what caused the collapse.


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