#SideProfileSelfie: This new campaign wants women to embrace their noses

Whilst much is said about social media negatively impacting women’s self confidence and body image, what about when it’s used as a force for good?

The new campaign #SideProfileSelfie is doing just that, by urging people to post a side profile picture of their nose in its full glory.

It was launched by journalist Radhika Sanghani, who writes in an article for Grazia that she’s spent much of her life desperately trying to hide from any kind of side profile photo because of how she feels about her nose.

With this campaign, Sanghani wants to break the taboo of a big nose – she doesn’t understand why beauty standards dictate that larger or crooked noses aren’t as attractive, and she doesn’t want them to be hidden any longer.

She writes: “All it involves is taking a side-profile photo of your face, and then posting it onto social media. It may sound minor, but it’s an incredibly empowering thing to do, especially if it means conquering your side-profile fears and owning your looks. It’s also a really powerful way to inspire those who can’t yet imagine being brave enough to post a #sideprofileselfie.”

Shunning big noses is not only damaging for the self-confidence of anyone who doesn’t have a small, perfectly formed schnozz, but it’s also negative for women. Sanghani argues that the ideal female nose is in line with the image of women as delicate and the “fairer sex”, when in fact, “We’re bold, strong, and we can take up as much space as we want, even with our bodies,” she writes.

Sanghani only launched the campaign last night, but it’s already setting social media afire. People have been proudly posting their own #SideProfileSelfies in support.

Even though taking a picture might seem like a small thing, it really seems to be having a positive impact on many women and many can relate to hiding from the camera.

We’re not so sure that large noses are the “final taboo” for women, as Sanghani describes it, but we still very much appreciate any effort to help people feel more confident in their bodies.

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