See Dublin man surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal on live TV

The Today Show with Maura and Dáithí had a big surprise for Sarah Jane Gibson yesterday.

Sarah Jane was on The Today with Maura and Dáithí Show on RTÉ One yesterday morning thinking she was there to speak about her inspiring story.

Ian Colton was on the show with Sarah Jane to talk about him overcoming hardships in his life - including living in emergency accommodation for seven months back in 2014 with his two little boys, finding a new home and a new love through Tinder with Sarah Jane who was also overcoming the break-up of her previous relationship.

The Dublin couple had also lost more than 11 stone between them and are now opening up their own branches of Slimming World classes in the city next month.

However, her man Ian decided to get down on one knee in front of the RTE cameras during the live programme and ask for her hand in marriage.

Ian getting down on bended knee. Pic: The Today with Maura and Dáithí Show on RTÉ One.

The couple can be seen in the background waiting for Maura and Dáithí to wind up the RTÉ One show, but then Dáithí announces that they have "one more surprise", making Sarah-Jane feel that she's at the end of a wind-up herself.

When she turns round to see Ian bending his knee, she screams in shock: "Are you messing? Oh my God! Are you having a laugh?"

After Ian asks: "Would you marry me?", Sarah accepts, of course, with a big hug.

Sarah is heard towards the end of the clip asking: "Is this a wind-up?", but Maura chips in reassuringly with: "This is a live show, we cannot do wind-ups," before herself and Daithi congratulate the couple with a bunch of flowers and a bottle of champers.

After the proposal Ian said: "I'm so delighted that Sarah Jane said yes!" (We bet you are.)

He said: "I've been dreaming of asking her to marry me for a long time. It was nerve-wracking to do it on live TV, but I wanted to tell the world I love her and what better way than by proposing on the Today with Maura and Dáithi Show."

His bride-to-be Sarah Jane said: "I am in shock, I was not expecting this at all! I am so happy."

The lads talked to them on Facebook Live after the proposal and Ian revealed that he made the decision to carry it out when he was in the bath.

Maura then explains on the video, which has since gathered more than 54,000 views in less than a day: "Eleven stone they lost between them, hard times, Ian lived with his two kids for seven months in a hotel, you (Sarah) lost your job, your apartment was flooded.

"And they came together through the modern app of Tinder."

Daithi then pipes up with: "They may have lost 11 stone, but they've found a rock," as he shows off Sarah-Jane's engagement ring to the cameras.

If you can't see the Facebook post above, click here.

Congratulations to ye both!

By Peter Towe

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