Saoirse Ronan reveals how she learned about third Oscar nomination

By Denise O’Donoghue

Saoirse Ronan will chat all things Oscars, Lady Bird and Time's Up in an interview to be aired tomorrow night.

'Saoirse Ronan: The Story So Far' will air on TV3 tomorrow at 8pm.

The most celebrated Irish actor of her generation, Saoirse Ronan is once again nominated for an Academy Award for her role in ‘Lady Bird’.

In the opening moments of TV3’s interview with Saoirse, she reveals how her friend Scarlett Curtis surprised her with the news that she was up for her third Oscar.

"Out of nowhere she took this confetti cannon out of her bag, and just like exploded it all over me. And her mam ran in and she had balloons, and sequins and glitter and all that. And I still didn’t know what was going on. I was so shocked when they told me.”

Saoirse also chats to Karen Koster about when she first caught the acting bug, growing up in the spotlight as she attended school in Carlow, the influence of her parents on how her career has progressed, and her future plans, from children to the roles she’d love to play.

Giving her thoughts on the recent Time’s Up movement, Saoirse says that while her experience in Hollywood has been mostly positive, it’s made her open her eyes.

“Apart from in maybe hair or makeup, or in your cast – there are no women on set. There’s no women in a crew. It’s very unusual to find like, a female boom op, or a female DP, or a female director. That’s something that I’ve only realised recently, and I was sort of blind to it. Because that was the norm.”

Saoirse also opens up about her latest role which has landed her an Oscar nomination, coming of age story Lady Bird. In the movie Saoirse’s character has a fraught relationship with her mother, but according to the star, real life is very different.

“I don’t have that relationship with my mam but it’s fun to play a relationship like that out on screen because there’s so much that you can delve into. They’re right on each other’s tails all the time.”

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Saoirse Ronan

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