Santa gives the gift of happily ever after to this Dublin couple in Arnotts

Santa pulled out all in stops this week and added the gift of ‘happily ever after’ to his list of lego and paw patrol related gifts, writes Anna O'Donoghue.

Dublin couple, Barry Clarke and Suzanne Kellett brough their son Cameron to visit Santa in Arnott’s yesterday.

After the main man gifted Cameron with a little something, he revealed that he had special gift for his dad as he remembered him from “way back when”.

Pulling out a ring box from his pocket he then let Barry take the floor and pop that all important question.

Barry posted a video of the heartfelt moment on Facebook, thanking the staff in Arnott’s for helping him plan the surprise and shouting out to Cameron who laid on the floor for the entire thing.

Bet he can’t wait to show him this when he’s older.

Congrats guys!

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