’Road frontage’ is the language of love on tonight’s First Dates

Only in Ireland would you chat about road frontage on a first date...

On tonight’s First Dates Ireland, Tara teaches barman Ethan and maitre D’ Mateo about the concept of road frontage.

"Women like men with a lot of road frontage," Ethan tells Mateo.

A confused Mateo asks: "Is that a sexual thing you’re talking about?"

Luckily Tara overhears and a pen and paper were produced and diagrams were drawn to explain everything.

During Tara’s date with Laois man Eoin, talk soon turns to more important romantic topics: hurling v football. Will she make the right choice?

Elsewhere on tonight’s episode: Sarah stuns her date Andreas by declaring that she “works in terrorism”; and Stephen aims to impress his date Denise but may regret ordering oysters for the first time.

After being stood up last week, fashion blogger Lawson plucks up the courage to return. Will Mateo fulfil his promise to set up a much better date?

Finally, Harry and Andrew share a love of all things Harry Potter, but which one is the fake fan?

First Dates Ireland is on RTÉ2 tonight at 9.30pm


By Denise O’Donoghue

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