’Black pudding saved my life’ says British butcher who was trapped in freezer

A butcher in the UK has credited a popular breakfast food with saving his life.

Chris McCabe, 70, became trapped in a walk-in freezer in his shop in England after the door blew shut.

Stuck in a -20C climate and with the safety release button frozen shut, Chris was forced to use a frozen black pudding as a battering ram on the button.

The father-of-four feared he would freeze to death in 30 minutes if he couldn’t get out.

"No-one could hear me banging. Black pudding saved my life," he told the BBC.

"It was absolutely terrifying.

"I came out here to get something from my freezer for a customer.

"As I opened the door, the wind slammed the door behind me and I was stuck in thos box at minus 20 and I wondered how long I could be in here.

"The problem was that the safety button was frozen and I tried kicking it which didn't work.

"I kicked it twice and then I picked up this black pudding stick which is heavy and I used it like a battering ram to break the ice on the catch.

"It was so cold if I'd been in there for half an hour or more I'm not certain what would have happened."

Chris says the 1.5kg pudding, which he has been buying from HM Sheridan of Aberdeenshire for over 20 years, was the last one he had in stock.

"It was the right shape. I used it like the police use battering rams to break door locks in. It was solid, pointed and I could get plenty of weight behind it.

"I’m lucky really. We sell about two or three each week and that was the last one in there."


By Denise O’Donoghue

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